OK, I’m interested, how do I get started?
Call us on 01279 871422 and we'll talk through the service we can offer you. We’ll discuss your stock volumes and work out the best package to put you on.

Want your existing stock turned into Video Showreels? No problem, we’ll talk you through how we can transform your properties and ‘Get them moving….’

How can I add these Showreels to my Portals and Social Media websites?
Simple! We will email you the URL/Web Link, and you can add that into the ‘Virtual Tour’ field in your Estate Agency software. The Portal will then receive that link alongside the still photos and the description you ordinarily send.

You can really increase the amount of ‘Plays’ of your Showreels by adding them to Facebook, Twitter and other Social Media platforms such as Instagram. We’ll provide you with a shortened Url/Web Link in the above email which is better for Social Media sharing and doesn’t take up too much space of your limited space for information!

Don’t forget to check out our Social Media offering to combine all of your Social Media under one roof or look at our Managed package where we can create content for you and work on your SEO.

My showreel is on my Portals but what about MY Website?
If you use your Estate Agency Software to directly populate your website then adding the URL/Web link to the Virtual Tour field in that system will feed the tour to your website.

Don’t worry if you manually populate, just take our URL/Web Link of the Showreel and add it manually into the system you use to populate your website.

If you can’t work it out, then we can discuss the simplest way of getting it all connected populated with you!

You say it take very little effort to produce the Showreels - What is very little effort?
The agent only needs to give their Portals the approval for Contec to access the data feeds you already send to them.  We then set up the feed for us to take the photo and description elements, work our magic and send you the URL/Web Link to the Showreel all within 24 hours.

You then apply the rules in the above section on How to get them on your website!  Easy! Then your Showreels start working hard to get you more instructions and buyer interest!

How do the costs work out?
We’ll discuss your property volume with you for your office/s and work out the best option for you. Depending on your average volume of new stock per month it could work out as little as £7.00 ex V.A.T per property which we believe is amazing value!

What if anything goes wrong. Is there anyone that can help?
We take Customer Service very seriously at Contec Digital and our team of friendly and professional staff will be on hand to take your calls or emails and look to respond as quickly as possible.

Why should I choose Contec Digital?

Service and Relationships

We take pride in our service as well as all of our products. Customer service is a great way for us to stand out and our team will go to every effort to ensure your experience is as easy and as professional as possible.

 Our Showreels are easily shared on your Website, your Portals and Social Media accounts and create engaging views so buyers can submerge themselves into the potential home of their dreams and Sellers can be sure that your Marketing of their home is top quality and has the reach it deserves.

Showreels are created within 24 hours of you creating that record on your Estate Agency Software to its ready in the Hot first 72 Hours when it attracts most of its attention.

Showreels are fully Agent Branded giving a consistent Brand strength and adding moving images into your marketing send a strong message of commitment to your clients.

Focus on your Properties
It’s a busy marketplace, and you have Property to sell, so let us produce the Showreels for you and just advise you when they are complete!

Simple feed access from your Portal and we take your static photos and descriptions and produce the video magic, set to calming music with icons depicting each room and a description that is embedded for each room view all delivered to you within 24 hours.

Your Showreel is then available for you to load up to be viewable on your website, portals and Social Media, wowing your Sellers and your buyers alike!

Cost Effective
From as little as £7.00 ex V.A.T per property its an amazing value way to expand the reach of your marketing for each property in your portfolio of Sales and Lettings.

A great addition for you to add to your own ‘Why choose us’ page!

Agent Focus
There are continual changes to the industry, who operates in it and the appetite from consumers of Digital Engagement.  As Agents, you need to continually look at protecting your market share and Fee rates, retain and win more instructions and be able to prove to your vendors that you have every tool in the box to Market their property to the broadest and best audience possible.  Consiliem Digital are here to help you do just that!

Why use Video in your Property Marketing?
Get more Instructions!

Video is taking over from static images. Adding quality video images to your Social Media, Website and Portals engages consumers, keeps the seller happy and will help you win more instructions.

Competition has never been more extreme. Show your Sellers you have that extra element that will sell their property more quickly and at the highest price possible. Stand your Agency apart from the rest of the competition!

Expand your Reach!
Showreels look amazing against the static alternative (do you read the full text description when browsing properties???). The Showreel plays and summarises the content and then asks for that all important call to action at the end with your numbers and branding.

Pop them into your Social Media content and enable the Seller to become part of the Marketing process by them sharing the property with friends and family. Watch how far and wide that video goes!

The more views, the more chance of a call and that’s what you need! The opportunity to convert a view to a purchase or of course a Sale!

What do views make?
We were so tempted to say ‘Prizes’ here but ultimately an opportunity to generate revenue!  The broader the reach, the more chances you will get on both Selling an existing instruction and attracting new ones!

Give Contec Digital a call to discuss Showreels and some of our other solutions to assist in your marketing.  We build websites, we manage Social Media content and SEO, we design and Re-Brand and can do professional video work to show off your corporate brand and personalise your business and your approach to your clients.

Consiliem Digital…. ‘Get your properties moving….’

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