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‘A Digital Marketing and Software Company with a personal touch and a service-driven philosophy’

Welcome to Consiliem Digital. We are a UK-based Digital Marketing and Software company striving to provide a professional, open and honest service to our clients large or small. We pride ourselves on our customer-driven service standards and thrive on working in partnership with our clients to drive growth and improve operating efficiency.

We don’t see a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to SEO, Content Marketing, Social Media or Design; it should be tailor-made for you. Our innovative Digital Marketing methods will help to anticipate the intent of your customers and search engines. If you want clean, honest and service-driven tangible results online, then get in touch now to see how we can help.

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    Website Design &

    Do you need a website that looks attractive, current, generates interaction and drives the activity you desire? Contec Digital want to help you promote your business by creating a website that is distinguishable within your business sector. We deliver websites with a managed service on a subscription basis that enables you to have updates created seamlessly by our web design professionals. This ensures your website is current and consistently in tune with developments; be it business highlights, events, campaigns or seasonal trends.

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    Bring your still photography to life with our Property Showreel production. Using your existing Portal feeds we
    generate our Property Showreels for all of your latest stock within 24 hours.

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    Our award-winning creative team at Contec can help you develop powerful imagery and techniques that strike at the heart of your audience’s psyche, help shape your brand and ensure consistency across all platforms with fresh ideas for your business. We assist in driving campaigns through all media including your corporate website, mobile devices, social, plasma TV presentations and more.

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    Social Media &
    SEO Strategy

    Contec Digital can assist with your social media strategy and campaigns. The power of social media aligned with video content can trigger the interest your business craves. ‘Shares’ or ‘likes’ aren’t always local by default, but they can peak client’s interest and generate the custom you want. Facebook is where your customers are – there are over 30m active users in the UK and there’s no better place to target your message so accurately. Social media helps to humanise your business – essential in industries which are vying against ‘online competition’. It helps to put faces to names and gives confidence to the client, from the first enquiry through to engagement.
    SEO isn’t the minefield that it previously was – it’s about doing the right things consistently well. It’s all about authority and content – giving the user the information they want when they visit your site.
    Facebook Ads are one of the best marketing tools that exist today. Adverts can be aimed at people based on age, gender, relationship status, household income, behaviours, hobbies, habits – it’s incredibly powerful when used correctly.
    Adwords is a powerful lead generation tool. We have the expertise of being able to lift these tried and tested keywords across various locations.

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    With such a high percentage of online marketers using video content, it is important that businesses keep pace with the growing trend of using videos to promote their products and services.

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    New Homes

    At Contec Digital we can make sense of all market data produced from your various portals and construct strategies to drive growth through customer retention and increased market share.

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    We specialise in automating and integrating leading technologies to provide the best business tools and digital strategies. We can provide a web-based CRM to help you efficiently manage your business and finances all in one system.

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    For a range of computer generated images for planning and marketing, Contec Digital has you covered

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